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Why You Should Wear Shoes In The House One of the greatest simple pleasures in life is getting home from a hard day at work and kicking off those uncomfortable work shoes that have been bothering you since the second you put them on. The moment you slip your feet into the pillowy-soft cushioning of your slippers, you finally get to feel the escape of your strenuous workday. Some of you might stop at the first part of that post-work relaxation process and not have any comfortable slippers that will make your feet smile. While freeing yourself from your work...

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Using "Sneakers + Slippers" to Drive Accessibility At Leandoers, we believe business is at its best when it's driven by passion. Everyday, you and I make purchases and decisions without much thought, but what if every dollar we spent could make the world a better place?Recently, our VP of Business Development updated his network, and we're excited to share his story with the world: (Following excerpt taken from Louie Bernard's posts:) While we're all quarantined, I figured I'd update the facespace and insta, officially ending my self-imposed social media isolation. Buckle up, it's storytime with Louie, which means it's a...

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