Med Student's Morning Ritual Helps Increase Productivity

Med Student's Morning Ritual Helps Increase Productivity

How One Customer Uses Comfort to Sharpen Mental Clarity

Our Comfy Connoisseur of the Month, Jacob Cunningham uses our shoes to make mornings and study-days easier. 

While studying for med school, Jacob Cunningham needs all his mental faculties to be sharp. In an effort to dedicate all his mental energy to his studies, he makes sure his space is comfortable and distraction-free. 

Here's how:

Streamlined and Simplified Mornings

Decision fatigue and burnout are real. Limiting your decisions early in the day keeps you clear for what’s important. 

When Jacob found our shoes, he knew he could begin streamlining his morning routine and ritualizing comfort and rest. This ritual and habit allowed his brain to save energy for important things—like how to surgically remove a brain tumor and stuff. 

Med School Student Studies with Comfort

“Comfort is important to me. When I study, I need to have a good set up, otherwise I feel distracted. 

“So, I put the Lean1s next to my bed, and the first thing I do when I wake up is put them on with my robe. I pretty much keep ‘em on until I go back to bed.”

Slippers for the Doers

Living out near Louisiana bayous, Jacob has simple daily chores that need to happen. Thus, he frequently makes trips outside to care for his property, but in the Lean1s, he can handle those small daily chores. 

[Disclaimer: Lean1s not suited for alligator wrestling.]

Comfortable Men's Slippers“Whether I wear socks or not, the shoes feel good, and I can do what I need to do in them.” 

“All around our house we have rocks, so I love being able to walk outside and feel like no pressure under my feet. 

Plus, Jacob loves how his Lean1s keep him dry:

“My feet never really sweat. Even when I walk through morning dew, the outside of the shoe might get a little wet, but my feet stay totally dry.

Sweat-free Slippers for Year-Round Comfort = No Brainer Decision

Although everyone loves to be comfy, finding a shoe that will keep you comfy no matter the season isn’t easy.

Slippers are winter’s comfy shoe and sandals are the old summer go-to. 

But by combining premium athletic materials to classic slipper designs, we created a year-round comfy companion for your feet.

Hundreds of Slipper Testimonials

Now, hundreds of customers like Jacob wear their Lean1s to rest and take care of the occasional chore without worrying about sweaty feet or grimy toes.

Traditionally the slipper was reserved for cooler climates and seasons, but not anymore.

Now anyone can get comfy, no matter their needs, their climate, or the season.

Fight burnout and the hustle culture in the comfiest shoes you never knew you needed. 

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