Why Are Hundreds of People Wearing Slippers in Summer?

Why Are Hundreds of People Wearing Slippers in Summer?

How we made slippers into a year-round staple. 

Quick—when you wake up on garbage day and rush out the door to get your cans to the street, what do you wear? 

Do you slide on your ole' fuzzy slippers? Maybe your moccasins will be better. Or are your bougie Uggs the go-to?

If you chose those shoes on a warmer/more wet day, undoubtedly, your feet will sweat bullets and smell worse than the garbage.

On the other hand, if you trot outside with flip flops or slides, you will find the smallest bit of morning dew saturates your foot.

Traditional slide-on footwear isn’t well thought out. 

If it’s cute, your feet and shoes get nasty real quick. 

If it’s durable, you and your shoes looks a little, ugh... silly?

Most everyone loves a nice slide-on shoe, but very few shoes check all the boxes, namely:

  • Durability
  • Looks
  • Comfort
  • Functionality

History’s Comfy Shoes Meet Modern Technologies

Since 1478, people in the West have been wearing slippers, and for good reason—is there a more comfortable footwear item? 

When you roll out of bed each morning, the world rushes at you. The phone shows notifications, your inbox is teeming with unread emails, and you feel perennially behind...and it’s only 8 AM... 

Now, on the other side of the bed, you can slow down in order to speed up. If the first thing you do each day is slide into something warm, breathable, comfy, and supportive, you signal to your body what your priorities are. You’re communicating subconsciously to yourself and to the world around you that you are worth more than all things you have to do. In short, you’re worth a moment to breathe.

And this is precisely why the slipper has been used for centuries to ease into the day and wind down after a long day of work. It’s pretty much the perfect piece of clothing to get your body to relax.

However, the slipper design feels like it hasn’t been introduced to modern technologies. 

Fuzzy, furry insulation, super-thin soles, or fancy, pristine materials make for slippers that just don’t work for modern humans. 

Many companies have tried to re-create the slipper, introducing removable soles or all felt shoes. 

But, it seems most companies forget the purpose of the slipper—to help people relax, unwind, or ease into the day.

Totally Unbiased Slipper Comparison 

Totally Unbiased Slipper Comparison ChartHands down, Uggs win winter.

Those fuzzy boots and slippers are great for the dry cold. But just don't get them wet lest you want to grow a smelly, science experiment in your closet. For those reasons, we didn't score Uggs well in durability, functionality, or breathability.

As for Crocs, many people swear by them, and some find them comfortable;

however, the comfort we speak of is a classy, hotel-slipper kinda comfort. And though a Croc is many things, it is not a luxurious comfort item. Still the functionality, breathability, and durability, help Crocs stand out. Unfortunately, pending the style you purchase, the style may also make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Still, with a vast offering of shoes and various price ranges, Crocs are a solid slide-on shoe creator.

A lesser-known brand than the previous comparisons, Chacos makes functional footwear.

Their footbed is seriously supportive for some people, but, for other folks, it is not quite right. Some people love the outdoorsy looks the company creates, while others scream "what're those." Chacos' shoes compare well to Crocs in terms of their offerings, while their prices look more like Uggs.

As a young startup company, Leandoers is on a mission to create the comfiest stuff you never knew you needed.

Our Lean1s are all-season unisex slippers designed with accessibility and style in mind. A thick durable rubber outsole is wrapped with understated performance mesh to create a breathable, stylish-enough house shoe for downtime. We're a little biased, but once our customers try our shoes on, the shoes don't seem to come off very often.


The Original All-Season Slipper PrototypeDespite all the hype, other slide-on shoes left us wanting more. So we went back to the drawing board.

In today’s hustle culture, the slipper is underappreciated as a tool to embrace rest.

Companies like Crocs morphed the slipper into a rubber all-purpose shoe, leaving behind the comfort and luxury bit of a slipper. 

Still, the all-day comfort and support of the Croc were admirable, and we knew men's slippers and women's slippers needed a re-fresh.

So, taking a page from their playbook, we created durable, thick insoles designed to mold to your foot after the first couple wears. How We Made the Slipper an All-Season Shoe

From there, we covered our insoles with a microfiber cover which wicks moisture and promotes your body's natural cooling mechanisms.

To top it all off, we added mesh uppers to complete the traditional slipper look without all the sweaty insulation. 

The result is a slipper designed for all-seasons and perfect foot-temperatures.

As the first traditional slipper to combine modern footwear technologies, the Lean1s enable you to make comfort part of your everyday life no matter the season or climate. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. 

Although we can’t say you’ll go unnoticed for wearing slippers to the pool, our customers have worn our Lean1s in all sorts of places. 

Our Comfy Connossieurs take the Lean1s all over the place. Jacee brought her pair to the lake. A handful of friends wore them to church. And one even dressed his up with khakis for his wedding cake testing.

Wherever you go to unwind and enjoy the 5-9, the Lean1s will make life comfy, so you can get the rest you need in order to do the work you love.

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