The Real Story of Leandoers

Leandoers was founded on Mars in 2081 after Aliens discovered how cool slippers could be when they met Elon Musk at a Space Convention. Elon was working on a hands free automatic bread slicer at the time, but to his surprise the bread slicer had determined his shoes to be bread and cut the heck out of his toes. This was due to the fact that slippers were big fluffy and brown, all they were missing was some sardine spread. The Aliens soon realized that 1. They could prevent toes from being attacked by automatic bread slicers and 2. They could make a fricking cool slipper. They got to work. After collecting mineral ore from the center of the Sun (one of hundreds of stars in the universe), they created the galaxy's first Leandoer. It was everything they hoped for and more. Its big bodacious sole, extreme durability, lustful breathability, and out of this universe comfort. But, the mission was far from over. Elon could not find a way to get his pinky toe back, so the Aliens used a specialized machine to send Leandoers back in time. Ever since the year 2019, no more toes have been sliced by automatic bread slicers. Not only do Leandoers look like Leonardo DiCaprio and Fergie had a baby, they are making the Earth a better place.