The Story of Leandoers

Ben was always known as the “Slipper Boy.” This moniker, adopted by friends and family, developed from Ben’s near obsessive need to wear slippers whenever possible. He loved slippers since he was a young boy, especially the comfy, closed toed kind that you find in nice hotel rooms. He would often take hotel slippers home and wear them around the house till they wore out, but his secret dream was always to find the perfect pair of slippers: comfortable, stylish, and durable enough to wear around town. One day, after a very nice trip to Europe, Ben’s parents returned with a gift that a Slipper Boy could only dream of: a pair of complementary European hotel slippers. They were made for ten cents and could hardly hold up for a trip to the mailbox and back, but these purple slippers held a place of reverence in his heart. 

“Hey, Slipper Boy, those won’t last for more than a few weeks the way you wear them. Hahaha!”

“I’ll wear these slippers the rest of my life, Mom!” Ben protested as he shuffled around the house in his now raggedy hotel slippers. 

The elegant style of the slipper was something he admired, the accessibility of the design was unparalleled, and his toes were covered and secured just how he liked it; they were near perfect.  So he decided to go online and find himself an upgraded pair of these slippers that he could proudly wear around town. But to the Slipper Boy’s great horror, there were no options even close to what he had envisioned. The only slippers on the market were either unfashionable house slippers that would induce a personal foot sauna or cheap disposable hotel slippers like his purple boys. Ben knew he had to put an end to this right then and there, so he drew the first picture of his concept: a brightly colored, plush slipper with a distinctive, thick sole. It was the summer of 2018, and this is how the story of Leandoers begins. 

Ben has a penchant for wild business ideas, and he would often pitch them to Joe, a friend who shared his love for entrepreneurial endeavors. Joe would play devil’s advocate to Ben’s pitches, a needed, more practical viewpoint for Ben’s dreamy and innovative ideas. As a long time volunteer for an organization that serves individuals with special needs, Joe was at a camp helping a wheelchair bound friend when Ben sent him the now infamous drawing of a purple, thick-soled beauty. Joe’s friend had recently learned to dress himself, a point of great pride, except he still needed help putting on his tennis shoes. His more accessible shoes were another reminder that he didn’t totally fit in, so he chose shoes like his friends wore. But needing aid to put these shoes on every morning left a hole in his confidence. So when Joe saw the image, he immediately recognized the brilliance of Leandoers; the Slipper Boy’s quest for stylishness and supreme comfort lead him to imagine a slipper that was built for action and accessible to almost everyone. A slipper that Joe’s friend could put on himself with confidence because all his friends wore them too. In an age when a progressive brand image is supremely important, Joe knew the innovative and inclusive product Ben drew had great potential. It was time to make the humble slipper, historically seen as a shoe belonging to the elderly, disabled, or simple circumscribed to the home, the hottest thing walking down the street.

At the time, Joe was the head of the Louisiana division of a political non-profit, in which his job was to market ideas to college students, motivating them to build teams and volunteer time on their campuses. When the national office offered him a promotion to Washington DC, he told the suits, “I’m staying in Louisiana to make slippers,” with a smile. Joe was on board to use the skills he acquired in the nonprofit world to sell slippers; he was now a certified Slipper Boy. It was July of 2018, and the world’s most lovable brand, Leandoers was born. 

Looking forward, Leandoers plans on releasing new styles of slippers and re-imagining other clothing products. This company will become the brand that is known for its innovative and inclusive athleisure and pure loungewear clothing, playful personality, distinctive marketing featuring non-normative athletes alongside traditional athletes as models, and freshly unique interactions with consumers. 

Comfort built for action, designed for everyone.

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